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Concept and creation of original music

Chi Siamo

Concept and creation of original music

Exploiting in-house our own important musical expertise, we also provide our recording studio where for the event of our client we can develop:

  • Musical jingles
  • Soundtracks
  • Music bases that can be used during the event
  • Corporate songs that can be used in advertising campaigns and official presentations

We can also provide very effective institutional videos and commercials in our POST-PRODUCTION service which will create high quality original content with a clear vision of the objective for each different context.  Post-production is not a service that many can offer because it requires preparation, skills and experience, which is what Larem can certainly claim.

We produce unreleased musical compositions and covers too, realized and developed by expert arrangers and performed by musicians and professional singers.


We can also produce multi-track CDs, record international covers and unreleased songs to celebrate anniversaries and company history through the music.  All this for the purpose of stimulating the guests of the event and encouraging them to sing along or play.

This last activity will definitely contribute to bringing the personnel in the corporate project together, while at the same time, it will carry out team building and develop human resources.

In our work, nothing is left to chance in production, recording, SIAE procedures and post production, and CD media are provided as well as the realization of the graphics for the CD booklet.

Concept and creation of original music

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