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Nowadays it is known that businesses do not only have an economical responsibility, but they have to respond to the consequences of their own decisions in a social and environment context.  Larem in the progress of their activity of developing – realizing – managing high level events has an impact on the social and environment scope.

Larem feels the responsibility to represent a model of excellence for the maximum protection of the environment, which is realized during the process of its activities, and therefore in its strategic decisions and in the company’s procedures at various levels, the following principles of environment sustainability are used to obtain notable benefits of image and visibility:


Environmental Policies


Larem is committed to evaluate the impact and potential of its activities to the environment and manages the environmental aspects according to the principles of precaution and prevention promoting the use of better technologies and materials with less environmental impact.


In the specifics of the events organized and managed by us, we provide:

  • The minimization of waste production, their correct management, recovery and reuse of the waste before the final dismantling;
  • Predisposition of recycling bins with explanatory signs for a correct recycling;
  • In the selection of the structures for the event, the preference is focused on those that have environment certification (ISO14001), preferably reachable by foot or with public transport; prefer structures without architectural barriers, provide, where is possible, space for restaurants inside the structure, to avoid commuting.
  • Suggest to the participants to adapt initiatives of car-sharing
  • The booking of the event is preferred online – in order to use less paper and better diffusion of the use of ecologic paper
  • Use of all the tools of communication for the purpose to reduce commuting;
  • For the restaurant it is preferred local products, Km 0, seasonal and organic; point out the organic products and/or of the fair trade with information from their provenience and nature;
  • Installation of water dispensers and the advice to the guests to refill the same bottle for the duration of the event;
  • For the cleaning we use products with the label Ecolabel;
  • Progressive improvement of the use of energy to contain the amount consumed, the set-up is reused with light projectors/lights with low consume (led);
  • Purchase of structures, working tools and costumers goods with less environmental impact.


Larem is committed to check continuously the evolution of the normative in environment context and a constant monitoring for the working activities to guarantee the effective respect of the norms and prevent eventual non conforming behavior.


Larem promotes the protection and management of the environment in the entire organizational spinneret of an event, involving providers and its contractors with their own sustainable policy.


We will always give a great importance to the training of the employees and collaborators  on the environmental topics, empowering  the contribution that the individual, with his responsibility, can help protect  the environment. Our guests will always have at their disposition  the information necessary to apply the business procedures to adapt conscious  decisions and tools to implement them effectively.


Through the monitoring of the consumption of energy and the relative emissions, consumption of paper, the waste production and the environmental risk during the organization of events,  we aim to continue the  improvement of our activities, until the conceived event, planned and realized in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment, leaving a positive legacy to all the community involved.

Larem is committed to make accessible at every interested part internal or external the document of Environment Policy.